Revolutionizing Motorcycle Phone Mounts in 2024: X-Guard Takes the Lead

Revolutionizing Motorcycle Phone Mounts in 2024: X-Guard Takes the Lead

In the fast-paced world of motorcycling, having a reliable and stylish phone mount is crucial for riders. As we step into 2024, one standout choice emerges as the top contender - the X-Guard Motorcycle Handlebar Mount. Let's delve into why the X-Guard deserves the title of the best motorcycle phone holder this year.


Bid farewell to bulky plastic smartphone mounts on your motorcycles. The X-GUARD mount system not only enhances the aesthetics of your motorcycle, giving it a customized appearance akin to installing dress-up parts, but it also ensures the safety of your smartphone during rides.

This "PATENT DESIGN" product is tailored for "SIMPLE & SINGLE HANDED OPERATION," providing convenience and ease of use for riders. Crafted from A6061 machined aluminum, renowned for its aircraft-grade quality, and featuring locking parts made from poly-amid 66 nylon plastic — one of the strongest resin materials globally — the X-Guard promises durability and strength.

No matter your motorcycle type, the X-Guard series offers versatile installation options, ensuring a perfect fit for all bikes.


The X-Guard mount system goes beyond a simple phone holder. With accessories such as a SMARTPHONE CASE, SPLASH PROOF BAG, UNIVERSAL HOLDER, or INFINITY ADAPTERS, it caters to various applications in your motorcycle life, adding infinite possibilities to your riding experience.

Feature Highlights:

  • Intuitive Installation: Mount in one second with one-hand intuitive operation.
  • Diameter: Suitable for installation within a diameter of 20-32 mm bars.
  • Multi-accessories: Compatible with all X-Guard accessories.
  • 360 degrees all-encompassing: Adjust the upper frame 180 degrees, and rotate the mount base 360 degrees for a suitable viewing angle.
  • Quick release technology: Secure locking system for bi-directional phone usage.
  • Precise locking mechanism: Provides a high degree of security to keep your phone safe.
  • Made to last: Mounts are crafted with 6061 series aluminum alloy, ensuring they are lightweight yet durable.
  • Modern Aesthetics: A streamlined design exuding elegance.

In conclusion, the X-Guard Motorcycle Handlebar Mount stands out not only for its robust construction and cutting-edge features but also for its commitment to enhancing the overall riding experience. Embrace the future of motorcycle phone mounts with X-Guard in 2024.

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