SMK Helmets Twister Fullface Helmets Review

SMK Helmets Twister Fullface Helmets Review

The SMK Helmets Twister is one of the most aerodynamic full face motorcycle helmets on the market. It has a unique design, providing excellent protection and outstanding comfort. SMK keeps their helmets up to date with safety and technological advancements by releasing regular updates. They also provide excellent customer service and a 30-day return policy.

The Twister has a full face construction with a single shell-mounted face shield. The outer shell is made of ABS, while the inner EPS liner is made of fibers. The helmet's design provides an excellent level of aerodynamics and reduces the weight of air pressure inside the helmet. The Twister also has an anti-scratch coating on the surface to reduce the chance of scratches on the surface. The air is forced through 15 intake holes in the inner liner and exhausts through 12 outlet holes on the outer shell. This creates a powerful flow that reduces drag and increases performance.

SMK provides excellent safety features on their helmets. They're one of only a few manufacturers that use C3 foam on their helmets. C3 foam is very soft but maintains its density and shape even after repeated impact impacts. Many other helmets use hard foam that compresses after multiple impacts causing it to fail. This increases the safety of the helmet without reducing comfort. Other safety features include an extended rear coverage, extended jaw line for increased protection, and curved inner liner ribs for more impact resistance.

The Twister's aerodynamics make it one of the most popular full face motorcycle helmets on the market today. It has an inner shell size that fits most heads without giving any discomfort or restriction. This makes it a great choice for busy riders who want a comfortable full face helmet with excellent aerodynamics. The helmet has a curved front brim to make it fit more faces as well as offering some protection as an eyeglass wearers would wear it as a normal helmet as well thanks to its chin curtain and lack of open face technology at all!

SMK is known for creating high quality motorcycle helmets that are safety tested and CE certified in Europe. Their updated designs provide excellent comfort and protection while reducing weight and increasing performance with their advanced technology. The Twister's exceptional aerodynamics make it one of the most popular full face motorcycle helmets on the market today.

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